Gaining Early Access to Windows Phone Apps

When it comes to apps,  if you’re like me, you suffer from the following:

  • You struggle with FOMO
  • You don’t like waiting
  • You love early access

The cure? The “Windows Phone Central” app for Windows Phone. Here’s why I love it:

  • Gain Early Access – Gain early access to apps, sometimes before they’re searchable in the Store, via a direct Store app link
  • Discover Apps – Discover apps you would have otherwise missed
  • Stay Up-To-Date – From apps to hardware – they cover it all

Download Buy the “Windows Phone Central” app today, pin it and stop missing out!

BONUS: The Windows Phone Central app is, by far, one of the most full featured apps in the Windows Phone Store. It is the quintessential example of a Windows Phone app. It utilizes a ton of API features offered in Windows Phone. As a developer, take note, THIS is how you develop a killer app. From tile & push notifications to UI performance. Jay Bennett, the developer behind the app, is a craftsman. Learn!

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